Web - Application

You need more than just a website? A forum? An administrative software?
Here my offers:

Modern HTML5 and Canvas
No installation
Optimization for mobile devices
Server-side date storage
Operating system independent
Fair pricing
Fast and reliable

Who uses web apps?

Virtual Clapper Board

We rely on web apps ourselves. Our software VCB is used for our image film production. This allows the director to write a simultaneous clap and clapbook. A clap with 11 inch display is used, which automatically displays the data from the clapbook. This allows the time that was required to handle the clap and the clapbook to be halved. Advantages of web apps are that you are device-independent. It does not require any installation, and they are not tied to a particular operating system.

Replacement plan at the GHSE

In order to demonstrate the possibilities of a web app, it is said that the replacement plan display of my current school is completely based on a WebApp developed by a classmate and me. This license-free software takes care of all tasks from spatial planning to scheduling aggregation to features like code scanners to minimize waiting times.

That might be something for you?

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at any time under the e-mail address info@ziegenhagel.com or via the contact form.

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